Hindumunnani called Nation vice as HINDU JAGRAN MANCH.  It’s yearly gathering held in MANGALURU. 

Office bearers (pranth karya karini) of all the states participated in this meeting. 

RSS  Akil Bharathiya Vyavastha pramukh (treasurer)  Sri. Mangesh ji,  Akil Bharathiya Bouthik pramukh (ideology) Sri. Swantharanjan ji, Hindu JAGRAN akil bharathiya sahyojak(coordinator) Sri. Ashok Prabhakar ji, Akil bharathiya sah sahyojak Sri. Kamlesh Ji and other akil bharathiya dignitaries preceded the meeting. 

State President Sri. Subramaniam ji,  State Organizer Sri.  Bakthan ji,  State General Secretaries Sri. Muruganandham, Sri. Arasuraja, Sri. Parameswaran ; State vice president Sri. Jayakumar, Sri. Karthikeyan and other state officers attended the meeting. 

Various issues discussed to make reach of the organization in each and every part of our Country. 

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